Daniel Luder

My name is Daniel Luder and this is my personal blog or better my personal knowledge collection, where I write down my thoughts about engineering, information technology and science. I am a curious person and I enjoy learning new things through projects and sharing my experience with others.

I love the quest for the unknown, undiscovered and impossible. Since my early years, I am fascinated by technology and computers, which drives my maker and hacker mentality. From building a steam locomotive with my go-kart, some old pallets and barrels, to robots with LEGO Mindstorms and LEGO Technics, to drones and other stuff with Arduinos. Soon I started with web design and the development and maintenance of various applications on Linux systems for companies of friends and neighbors to finance my ideas.

Daniel Luder

Today, I belong to those very fortunate people who get paid to do what they love. I currently work as an electrical engineer at evolaris aviation gmbh , where we build electric aircraft and I am in charge for the electrical propulsion system (from the battery, to the inverter, to the electric motor including controls and management systems). I am also the founder of ALGOnovum GmbH , where I develop software, implement algorithms and create models for various small businesses. Besides, I am doing my Master of Sciences in Engineering at the Bern University of Applied Sciences .

You can contact me directly via email: info@danislab.ch or get in touch with me on LinkedIn .